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Thank you for posting this. I needed to read it today after talking myself out of writing over and over again because I think no one will care about what I have to say. But I care. And that’s enough.

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Keats & Carnage.

Lo, thanks so much for posting this. In yet another instance of beautiful serendipity/fate which great art always seems to bring with it, I've been reading a lot of Keats this week while thinking upon the idea of getting art out into the world while we have a finite time in which to do it. I was brought back to Keats through listening to Marianne Faithfull's/Warren Ellis' beautiful record "She Walks in Beauty". Even thinking about the circumstances of that record - MF contracting Covid back in 2020 and losing the ability to sing so deciding to put out a record of her reading classical poetry with Warren's beautiful synth and violin swirlings as soundtrack - reminds me that art can be made under almost any circumstances if we choose to do so. And we can change with our circumstances if we choose to do so.

The musician/sculptor argument baffled me a little bit. How strange that one artist should see art as some kind of competition between mediums. No matter. Maybe we're all on a "singular road" as Nick Cave sings on 'Lavender Fields'. Aside from Keats I've been listening relentlessly to 'Carnage' this week. Keats and Carnage. And I thought of this when you wrote about art and the people it affects: many, one, or none. What difference, as long as we are making art regardless? Anyway, I hadn't really listened to 'Carnage' much but for the last few days. I can't explain why. I listened to it very quickly when it first came out and kind of set it aside for a time, for reasons unknown. But these don't matter. I figure we hear things when we are meant to hear them. But this week I put it on again and I could not stop playing it. Driving to work a few days ago, quite early one morning, 'Lavender Fields' started up and, without warning, I just started crying. Crying and driving. I do it often when beautiful music affects me. More so as I grow older! The sun rising, the cool air through the window, the swirling strings, Nick singing, "I am travelling appallingly alone/On a singular road"...it all just got to me.

So please accept some Sunday evening thoughts upon reading yet another wonderful post from you. Thanks so much for putting these thoughts out into the world.

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Great essay, inspiring , just keep fuckin doin it, no matter what, keep that heart stranglin up the soul.

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hi lo, just wanted to say ‘twas a great show in brunswick a few weeks back- lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon….chilled vibe and wonderful music

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