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Have two acoustic electric steel string guitars Lo, and a baby banjo named ‘Palm’ - which I inherited from my English builder uncle.

My smaller acoustic, goes under the name of ‘Blackie’ . . . & the mid sized acoustic Fender, has the name ‘Ginge’.

I took Ginge on a road trip last month to the city & back, catching up with our Lindy M, Lo

The plan was to sit in a lovely green park with a view, and have a strum . . but was a little too rainy on that day, so Ginge remained blanket wrapped on the back seat of the ute, peering out just enough to watch out for any parking inspectors about town.

Thankyou for another lovely story today, Lo

I always look forward to reading them & the topics you choose 👍 Fabulous !

Have a wonderful week x

ally x

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I had (still have) one of those racing jackets. Mine was Honda from the 70's. I will only play Gibson or Epiphone. My 30 year old Gibson bass in cream is also called White Chocolate! How did we not share this information? I also love a low action. I don't think I could play without it. I'm going to lose myself in a cup of tea, I hope that counts. xox

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Lately I’ve co-opted my 9 year old daughter’s ukulele and have had a grand time playing through some Bob Dylan tunes. Guitars always seemed to hurt my fingers and make my thumb tired. Your comments about low action and nun’s guitars (new term to me) reminded me how much fun it is to play and sing on something that doesn’t hurt. Thanks as always for your light, humor and inspiration!

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