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Finding this way to share some ongoing rambling thoughts on whatever random delights dance through my mind every couple of weeks with my newsletter Loose Connections has brought me a lot of joy and esoteric education since I launched in April 2020 and I hope it brings you some too. I’m grateful for your readership. As Ann Margret says, let me entertain you.

So far I’ve written about answer songs, psychic waitresses, songwriting, Elvis, Bob Dylan, cool cars, Charo, Kris Kristofferson, crime novels, Dolly Parton and the lure of Hawaii. Who knows what’s next?

I generally include playlists or links to other informative and entertaining information.

I’ve been operating independently as a producer of musical, written and other arty works since … forever. My debut book ‘Lovers Dreamers Fighters’ comes out Feb 2022 though Harper Collins and I am preparing to record a new album (lucky number 8!) with my band and have various other exciting secret projects in the works to share with you in 2022. This newsletter gives me the opportunity to bring all my interests, obsessions and fascinations together into one digital home, and to you invite you, dear reader, to come along for the ride with me.

I love to hear your thoughts, stories and recommendations.

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